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Stephen B.

Tanya helped me find the perfect home for me in Breckenridge and I enjoyed working with her throughout the process. I met Tanya randomly because she was the leasing agent on a condo I rented last summer. When it came time to renew the lease I expressed interest in buying a place in the mountains instead. One thing I appreciated was that Tanya did not waste my time. I was fairly particular in my ideal unit: 2 beds and baths, covered parking, and a hot tub around 500k with a 600k max. Using the heart, star, and thumbs dumb function in MLS she was able to discern my tastes quickly by my responses to listings. That way when I returned to Summit County to look at properties the list was whittled down and we were able to look at 8 in one day. So how did I end up buying a 3 bed and 2.5 townhouses for 670k? Thanks to Tanya. We were driving by the neighborhood I now own in and she said, this is over your budget but you're going to love it and she was right. A week later we were making an offer. Tanya is a great negotiator and communicator. I felt she fairly represented my interests rather than opting for a quick sale. Also, the level of communication via email and texts throughout the process was just right. I was busy with the mortgage process so it was nice knowing that everything else was going smoothly. Also, I literally wanted to walk into the house and do nothing. There were a few very minor items the inspector found and the couple I purchased the home from was going to offer credit. However, Tanya understood exactly what I meant when I said turn-key and those repairs were made. At closing, I found out that she'd negotiated to split the 1% county transfer tax with the sellers and that was a pleasant surprise. Finally, I really enjoyed her "locals" knowledge about all the neighborhoods we looked at in Breck and Frisco.

Stephen M.

Tanya found exactly what I was looking for. I met Tanya in 2016 when she was the leasing agent on a studio apartment I rented in downtown Breck. When the renewal came up and I informed her that I was not renewing I found out that her main business was an owner or agent at Dwell Summit Real Estate. What I appreciated most about working with Tanya was that she listened to my desires and needs in the mountain home and didn't waste my time. We looked at roughly 12 condos and townhomes between Frisco and Breck over the course of two weekends and Monday morning following the second viewing weekend she was writing an offer on the townhome I've owned the last 3.5 years. I only had a few things that I wouldn't compromise on min 2 bed and bath, a private garage, and a hot tub. Tanya had a very keen sense of my taste and style. We were driving by Highland Greens and she said, I know it's over your budget but I think you'll like this neighborhood. It wasn't our tour since it was over my price cap however there happened to be 1 townhome in Highland Greens that checked all the boxes and while it was a little above my target price range it was perfect for me. Thankfully I was willing and able to compromise on the max amount a bit. Because Tanya listened to my needs and wants she was able to find the perfect property for me near Breckenridge and it only took 1.5 days of tours. I live in Denver and didn't want to drive up every weekend in the summer looking at properties that wouldn't work for me. She was more interested in finding the ideal property for me versus pushing me into a condo or townhome for a quick sale that may not suit me over the long run. Tanya knew better that I did what I wanted in mountain home and I love my Highland Greens townhome more now than I did when I purchased it.

Pete C.

First, she worked well with our renter to get the logistics of getting the property ready. she respected his privacy and his needs and worked around some headaches like not being able to get into the property because of a lockbox issue while keeping him happy. Next, she staged the condo professionally. Finally, she priced it well, made informed decisions on which contract to go with (we had two offers), and then followed up with all the logistics to sell the property inspection, appraisal, title company, HOA, etc. Most importantly, she understood her client and kept me in the loop in a way that would make me comfortable: a series of one-sentence updates that began after we met and ended on closing day. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She told me she would be able to sell this property when we met last fall, and here it is done. She talked the talk and walked the walk. She's a pro.


Tanya is brilliant, not to mention a genuine delight to work with. She has a charming and engaging manner in which she successfully defuses anxiety and irritation that is bound to come at some point in the tense hours of shopping and negotiating a home purchase. She is a fabulous storyteller, and her stories always have a point, alerting the buyer to issues, challenges, getting lost on walks in the woods, and many good things like locals' special pricing in restaurants. I recommend her without reservation. She is a wonderful person with true integrity.

Karen S.

I had a terrific experience working with Tanya Delahoz. Initially, she was the property manager for my rental. When the time came to sell, Tanya shifted gears seamlessly and my property was sold in a matter of days. Tanya is professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and laid back. She really helped quell my concerns throughout the process by always getting back to me in a timely fashion and keeping me in the loop on all details of the transaction. It was an absolute pleasure working with Tanya and I highly recommend her!

Alex M.

Tanya is a top-notch professional. As second-home purchasers, she directed us to everything we needed to know in making a decision that was right for us. Tanya had expertise in finding properties that we would want to view. She did not waste our time. In the end, she provided good advice and expert insight into the local market and neighborhoods that allowed us to make an informed decision. I would recommend Tanya to anyone buying and selling real estate in Summit County and Vail corridor.

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