Tips to Get Your House Ready for Sale

Getting ready to list your Summit County property for sale can be overwhelming. I understand that! That’s why I’ve put together a checklist of things you can do to get your property ready for showings.

Declutter and Get Organized

It is important that you keep your home tidy and organized when getting your house ready to hit the market. Parse down your personal belongings in the house, remove family photos and mementos. The less clutter, the less stress someone will have while touring the home. As much as you may love your collection of ceramic cats, someone else may not. Let’s pack them up and put them in a safe spot for your next home.

Aim for Neutral Wall Colors 

I understand everyone loves a good accent wall, or two. Repainting your walls to neutral colors fits in with more personal styles and allows for a cleaner, more peaceful feeling home. Think light, bright and airy!

Stick to a Color Scheme

Staying on the topic of paint, I’m not saying you have to go all white, but when there are too many colors in one home it can get a bit overwhelming. Try and choose a timeless color scheme that still ties in well to the feel of your Summit County property.

Let the Light In

This one might seem a bit obvious, but no one wants to enter a dark space while looking for their next home! Remove the heavy drapes and add in some sheers (pulled open during showings!) to brighten everything up. 

Make Your Toolbox Your Best Friend

You know all those small tasks you always have on your to-do list but never seem to  accomplish? Something as minor as a loose door handle might get looked past on the daily, but potential home buyers notice those small maintenance items.  Make a list of your handyman projects and start getting them done! 

Open Up Walking Space

Remove the big bulky furniture blocking off walking spaces. People need to move freely in the house without banging their shins on end tables. You don’t want the potential buyers to get trapped in a corner if other people are passing by. 

Add Plants and Flowers

You don’t want a garden in your home, but you definitely want to bring life to your space. Some tasteful green plants (succulents are a personal favorite!) on a shelf will do wonders. Have an empty corner? Pick up a faux plant from Target, Home Goods, or Costco; it’s low maintenance and brings some life to the room! 

Spruce Up the Outdoor Area

Curb appeal helps sell a home. There’s nothing like touring a beautiful Summit County home and walking outside to see an unmaintained yard. Whether it’s adding an ornate wreath to your front door, or finally updating your outdoor shed, it’s important to sell your property, not just the inside of your home. 

Depersonalize Your Home

It is important for potential buyers to imagine themselves in your home. I love a fridge covered in family photos but let’s keep that stainless space pristine while the house is on the market.  

Bring In the Professionals

A cleaning crew never hurts during this time. It’s easy to look over some dust in the corner when you’re the one living there. Let’s make sure the house shines and is as clean as it can ever be. Bonus-someone else will be cleaning the floors for a while, you can take some time off!

Start Your Selling Journey

Ready to take the next step towards selling your home? I’ve got you covered for all things Breckenridge, Summit County, and real estate. Email me at [email protected] or call (970) 333-0082.

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