The Dwell Well Project Wants to Pay Your Rent in Breckenridge

Everyone who lives in Breckenridge knows it’s a great place to settle down. We’re nestled in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains where outdoor recreation abounds. At the same time, we have access to the art, music, and food of a major city – Denver is just a two-hour (and very scenic) drive down I-70. Something residents don’t necessarily shout from their rooftops, however, is how much it costs to live in such a special place.

At Dwell Summit, we’ve been managing Breckenridge rental properties for nearly a decade. We’ve weathered the dramatic market fluctuations and know that people are frustrated with the high cost of living – and the fact that it’s only continuing to climb. These individuals are our clients, neighbors, and friends. They’re parents, teachers, and small business owners who add tremendous value to the community. Our goal is to change the conversation about renting in Summit County and create a ripple effect of goodwill with the Dwell Well Project.

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What is the Dwell Well Project?

Living in Colorado is expensive. Breckenridge in particular has a high cost of living that makes it difficult for many people to afford their rent every month. We can’t change the rising rental prices in Summit County, but with the Dwell Well Project, we can make an impact on a person or family in need.

Through the Dwell Well Project, we will pay three months of rent (up to $5,000) for one deserving full-time Summit County resident. Our vision is that the recipient will use this extra money to create a cushion for unexpected emergencies or save it in a down payment fund to buy a home in Summit County in the future. We know that paying a few months of someone’s rent in Breckenridge isn’t going to change the landscape, but we hope it’ll start a good conversation about long-term leasing in our community.

Who is eligible? How do I apply?

To qualify for the Dwell Well Project, the individual or family must live in Breckenridge full time and be locked into a 12-month lease. We’re looking for someone who is fully invested in Summit County and committed to making a life here. Our goal is to empower someone seeking to put down roots in our community.

To apply, introduce yourself or your nominee and tell us how the Dwell Well Project would make a difference in you or your nominee’s life. A panel of local business owners and non-profit representatives will review the applications and select a winner in February 2019. Once the panel selects a winner, Dwell Summit will pay up to $5,000 directly to the recipient’s landlord for the months of March, April, and May.

The Dwell Well Project wants to pay your rent in Breckenridge!

More and more landlords are renting their properties short-term to vacationing tourists, leaving few long-term rentals available. The low supply and high demand has driven prices up, making it difficult for permanent residents to afford living here. We hope the Dwell Well Project starts an honest conversation about this between landlords and tenants by highlighting the upsides of long-term renting.

Do you know an individual or family who deserves to have their rent in Breckenridge paid for three months? To learn more about our efforts or to nominate someone, visit the Dwell Well Project website.

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