Tenant Resources


Do you place tenants for individual rooms or help me find roommates?

No, our services are geared towards renting an entire property.

Do I have to have a Social Security number to rent a Dwell Summit property?

Your credit history is the assurance that you will be reliable in paying rent and caring for the property. That credit history is tied to your social security number.

I am coming to Summit County from another country for a specific work assignment.

We have rented properties in such situations. Your application will require work papers, a passport and an employment contract here in Summit County in order to be considered for a Dwell Summit rental. Some foreign applicants may be asked to pay a higher security deposit.

How can I apply if I live out of state or out of the country?

There are several ways. Before you do, however, make sure you qualify to rent the property of your choice. Compare your situation to our rental application criteria. Then check with our office to make sure the property is not already rented. Download our application from our web site, fill it in and submit it:

Fax it to 970-315-0359. We will send you a link to MySmartMove where you can pay the application fee.

Mail it with the application fee (slowest method)

Scan it and email it. We will send you a link to MySmartMove where you can pay the application fee online.

Send the application and application fee via courier, FedEx or other delivery service.

Will you rent to someone who has a prior eviction?

The eviction process is lengthy and costly. There are times when a tenant suffers circumstances (or causes them) that cause them to need to leave a property. A few examples of this may be a sudden inability to pay the rent, massive damage to the property, bringing pets to a no-pet property. The tenant always has the option of vacating the property prior to causing the legal process of unlawful detainer, better known as eviction. If the tenant remains in the property and forces the owner, landlord or property manager to go through the eviction process once, they are more likely to allow that to happen again.

What if I submit an application and the application fee and the property just rented?

We would refund the application fee in full.

Do you allow tenants to move from one Dwell Summit property to another?

We do and consider it an honor when an existing tenant wants to rent their next property from us! In fact, some properties offer retention discounts to resign your lease or Dwell Summit may offer a discounted first months rent when you lease another one of our properties.

What type of payment is acceptable for your first month's rent?

Dwell Summit accepts money orders or a band issued cashier’s check for you deposit and first month’s rent. In some situations we will accept cash. Personal checks are not accepted for your first month’s rent and security deposit.

Will I sign a lease?

Yes. All of our properties require a lease. The majority of them require a 12 month lease that outlines our responsibilities to each other throughout your tenancy. Dwell Summit will walk you through the attorney reviewed lease to make sure you understand it as well as our policies. After the application is accepted, the deposit is received and your lease is signed, we’ll hand you the keys to your new home!