Mud Season in Breck: 4 Things to Love About It

Spring isn’t exactly the most celebrated time of year in Breckenridge. The ski resort closes down for the winter, tourists lock up their seasonal rental properties in Summit County, and the trails become a wet mess of melted snow and dirt. Not quite the idyllic mountain town you had in mind, is it? In Breckenridge, we call this time of year mud season. While it may not be as beautiful as summer or winter, most locals have a special appreciation for these magical, forgotten days in between.

Here are four things to love about the off-season (aka mud season) in Breckenridge.

There are tons of great restaurant deals

It’s common knowledge that Breckenridge restaurants have killer two-for-one dining specials during mud season. It gives locals the chance to dine out at all the delicious places they recommend to visitors at half price. Plus, walking into happy hour and knowing everyone is so refreshing after a long winter of waiting for a table. Keep an eye out for the Breckenridge Restaurant Association’s Spring Dining Passport. It will be full of coupons you can use throughout mud season.

You can still get outdoors and explore

Dying to hit the slopes a few more times this spring? Make the 30 to 40 minute trek up the road to Arapahoe Basin, where ski season runs through early June. Mountain biking opportunities abound in Eagle, where dozens of high desert trails are already bone dry. And, with all that snow we had beginning to melt, white water rafting should be excellent this spring.

The slow down gives you a chance to spruce up your home

Nobody wants to stay inside fixing squeaky door hinges or re-painting their walls during peak season. Especially when they could be skiing, snowboarding, biking, hiking, or kayaking steps from their front door. During mud season, most of these activities slow down, giving you the perfect excuse to get some work done around the house. If you’re planning to sell your luxury home in Summit County or list it as a seasonal rental property this winter, mud season is a great time to make repairs in preparation.

You get to reconnect with the things you love about living Breckenridge

The gorgeous mountain views. The quiet, snow packed trails. The barista who memorizes your morning coffee order and remembers that you like a different flavor of cream cheese for each half of your bagel. It’s the little things we love about living in Breckenridge that really sink in during mud season, when the population of our town shrinks by about 60,000 people. It becomes the quaint, small town we fell in love with when we first decided to buy a luxury home in Summit County.

There’s nothing like mud season in Breck

Most people who visit Breckenridge see it in its prime. In summer, everything is lush and green. In winter, the beautiful buildings along Main Street are dusted in snow. But mud season offers a chance to experience Breckenridge the way locals do – in all of its quiet, small town glory. Are you hoping to buy a luxury home in Summit County or list your existing home as a seasonal rental property? If so, now is a great time to get in touch with a luxury homes realtor at Dwell Summit. Give us a call when you’re ready to talk about your goals for buying or selling in Summit County!

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