Meet Lindsey, Your New Summit County Real Estate Agent

The secret is out. Breckenridge, which was once a sleepy mountain town with a handful of full-time residents, is now a really desirable place to live. The population has more than doubled in the last 20 years!

breckenridge real estate agentAs Summit County real estate agents, our goal has always been to connect people with luxury homes in Breckenridge that accommodate the lifestyles they’re looking for. It’s also important to us that our buyers and sellers get the bespoke services and one-on-one atten

tion they deserve. So, to continue providing our clients with unmatched service, we’ve welcomed a new Summit County real estate agent to our team. Introducing, Lindsey Shorthouse Stapay!

Meet Lindsey Shorthouse Stapay, your new Summit County real estate agent!

We are so excited to welcome Lindsey to Dwell Summit. While she may be a new face around the office, Lindsey has lived in Colorado longer than we have – and we feel like we’ve been here forever! Born and raised in the Rocky Mountains, Lindsey knows exactly what makes communities like Breckenridge so special. She brings 13 years of real estate and business development expertise to Dwell Summit, along with a serious knack for negotiating. Naturally, she’s a perfect fit for the team.

After more than a decade of negotiating hundreds of real estate deals throughout Colorado, Lindsey is thrilled to have settled in Breckenridge where she can help families live their mountain dreams. Outside of office hours, Lindsey takes every opportunity to stay active in Summit County. She enjoys being outdoors with her big dog, little girl, and handsome husband. Hiking, skiing, kayaking, and paddleboarding are among their favorite family pastimes. You can keep up with Lindsey on Instagram: @MountainLivingLindsey.

Welcome to the team, Lindsey. We’re thrilled to have you!

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You may not know this, but Dwell Summit started over a bottle of wine back in 2010. It was a passion project that quickly turned into a full-time business. No matter where we go from here, though, we’ll always operate on the same principles we were founded on: to show people the magic of Summit County and help them achieve the same quality of life we’ve enjoyed living here. Get in touch with Lindsey to start your Breckenridge home search today! Send her an email at or give her a call at (303) 641-3341.

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