Luxury Homebuyers Are Looking for These Features

Are you getting ready to sell your luxury home in Summit County? If so, you’ve probably spent the last few months purging your closets, touching up paint, and fixing squeaky door hinges. That’s what all the articles with tips on “selling your home for top dollar” told you to do, right?

Look, it’s definitely important to accomplish all of these things before putting your house on the market. However, luxury homeowners have the added responsibility of appealing to very discriminating audience. Not only are luxury homebuyers looking for a property that’s well kept, fresh and clean, they’ve got a checklist of specific features that can make or break a sale.

Before you call a luxury realtor in Summit County, consider making one (or a few) of the following upgrades to your home. If you do, you’re sure to impress the heck out of every buyer who walks through your front door.

1. Indoor/outdoor living space

Summit County may be blanketed in snow half the year, but that doesn’t stop luxury homebuyers from adding an indoor/outdoor living space to their “must haves” list. Think doors that open from the family room onto a deck, outdoor fireplaces, and cozy conversation nooks beneath the stars. An outdoor kitchen is a must!

2. High-tech everything

Luxury homebuyers are looking for comfort, convenience, and privacy. Home automation systems allow a homeowner to control everything from lighting, to security cameras, to window shades from the palm of their hand. A charging station in the garage would be an added perk for an electric car owner.

3. Wine tasting rooms

The resurgence of entertaining in the home has luxury homebuyers looking for a place they can store, display, and taste from their vintage wine collections. Custom lighting, glass displays, and temperature controlled storage should be at top of mind when it comes to impressing a potential buyer.

4. Private gyms and yoga studios

Luxury homebuyers are looking for features that complement their lifestyles. Take an in-home gym or yoga studio, for example. These amenities offer homeowners the luxury of not having to drive to a crowded, sweaty spin or vinyasa class. If that doesn’t sound heavenly, I don’t know what does!

5. Home entertainment centers

A home theatre with stadium seating, custom recliners, and the latest in audio/visual technology is extremely attractive to luxury homebuyers. Throw in some mood lighting and a full-sized bar to bump your house to the top of every luxury homebuyer’s list.

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