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At Dwell Summit our heartbeat is connecting people to the gathering places they’ll enjoy for years to come, and we’re equally as passionate about what it means to gather as a team. We are growing and looking to add Realtors to our brokerage. Our commitment to you is to help you every step of the way with your leads, supporting you as you grow and thrive!

About Dwell Summit Real Estate

You know that saying about quality over quantity? It’s an integral part of our philosophy here at Dwell Summit. From the start, we’ve found our niche in operating as a boutique company that provides a concierge level of service. While many brokerages are shifting toward a tech-focused or agent-focused approach, we are committed to remaining client-focused. We consider ourselves a progressive, forward-thinking brokerage that’s willing (and excited) to adapt as times change and market trends shift. We’re dedicated to connecting clients with living spaces that match their lifestyle, taking a personalized approach to business, and providing clear and consistent communication every step of the way.

What will you bring to the table?

Do you always come overdressed to the party because you understand the power of a first impression? Is attaining work-life balance a priority for you? At the same time, keeping the cyclical nature of Breck’s tourism-driven community in mind, are you willing to hunker down and hustle when the job demands it?


In addition to the types of qualities outlined above, a Dwell Summit agent must:


  • Be a person of honesty and integrity
  • Maintain the highest standard of ethics
  • Have an active Colorado real estate license


The Dwell Summit Docu-Story

Dwell Summit Owner/Broker Tanya Delahoz shares the story of why she moved to Breckenridge, what kept her here, and how our boutique agency seeks to serve Summit County real estate clients with excellence in every avenue.

What Dwell Summit has to offer

  1. High Compensation: Our commission splits start at 80/20 and reset every year on your work anniversary, with escalated splits based on production.
  2. Beautiful Marketing: By joining the Dwell Summit team you’ll gain access to a creative team that produces high-quality social media content, blog posts, graphics, Mailchimp newsletters, and more! Glossy magazines geared toward buyers and sellers, eye-catching signage, and luxe marketing collateral make an impact in person, and our digital presence is just as commanding. We’re proud to have received national awards for our Instagram and Pinterest in 2018 alongside major real estate brands like Sotheby’s, Coldwell Banker, and Toll Brothers!
  3. CRM: Dwell Summit is committed to providing our agents with the tools they need to be successful and efficient. Follow Up Boss is our CRM of choice! We love shiny new toys and techy apps just like the rest of the world, but after years of working in this industry, we know what’s truly needed to ensure success. We’ll provide you with the CRM as long as you are committed to using it.
  4. BrokerMint and a Transaction Coordinator: We want you to do what you do best—SELL. By managing paperwork and compliance on your behalf, we’ll free you up to focus on your pipeline and active clients.
  5. G-Suite Apps: We provide the most professional email management experience for our team by setting up a yournamehere@dwellsummit.com email account for every agent. Manage your workflow, archive completed tasks, and take advantage of the most secure calendars, document sharing, and file storage systems available at no cost to you. G-Suite also integrates with your CRM, ensuring a seamless client management experience.
  6. Ongoing Training and Education: We’ll ensure that you stay up-to-date on the latest trends and most effective strategies in our ever-changing industry by paying your entrance fees for two of the nation’s premier Realtor events—Inman conferences and a 2-day Ninja training.
  7. High-Quality Leads. A stale website with outdated information? You won’t find one of those around here. In addition to being beautifully designed and professionally managed, Dwell Summit’s website is Search Engine Optimized and equipped with a top-of-the-line CRM platform to help our agents generate—and capitalize on—a steady stream of leads.



It is worth noting that all of our agents work remotely—in other words, Dwell Summit does not presently maintain a brick-and-mortar presence. We feel that this is an advantage in keeping with our commitment to work-life balance; however, we recognize that some agents may prefer to work from a traditional office environment. If this is you, Dwell Summit will probably not be a fit for you at this time.

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