How Will Home Buying Change After the Pandemic? 

Fifty years ago everyone wanted a formal dining room when they were searching for their next home. A generation later, the trend shifted to open concept living room-dining room-kitchen spaces. The last 2 months have kept people inside their homes almost 24/7 and has us rethinking what is most important in our homes. Have more deck and patio space become a necessity? Is a larger kitchen to fine tune your “Top Chef” skills now a requirement? Perhaps it’s an oversized wine cellar for the stay at home happy hours. 

The next few months will have everyone in the market for a new Breckenridge home shifting their priorities and must haves. Here are a few of the new trends that have crossed our desks. 

Touch-free appliances

The fewer items you touch within your home, the more likely you will keep the germs away. Living our best life at home makes this seem almost impossible. We need to cook, eat, rest, and wash up daily. One way to stay safer in your home is by adding touch-free appliances to your most crucial germ fighter, your sink! 

We believe the future calls for touch-free faucets and even soap dispensers. We’ve seen this popularized in public restrooms in the downtown Breckenridge area for years, but now adding it to your home can be a game changer to help in preventing illness.  


Half bathrooms 

Half bathrooms became a critical addition to homes so that outside guests could wash their hands before spreading diseases such as the common cold or flu. The need for half bathrooms has most likely been looked past until now. During this time, we are still fearful of sharing bathrooms and risking the chance of falling ill. 

Now, we might see additional full baths (also known as en-suite) being added on in case of a family member or guest becoming ill and needing to isolate themselves from the rest of the house. 



While most Summit County, CO houses have mudrooms to collect all the ski and snow gear, have you been trying to create a new system of sanitizing yourself by the front door? Or maybe you have been changing out of your clothes before walking into your common spaces? Mudrooms are another additional tool for keeping your home safe. Our daily routines of entering our homes are now changing. A mudroom can be used to leave your gloves and masks by the door rather than bringing them further into your home. We could also use this space for a sanitation station.


Bidets and smart toilets

No toilet paper? No problem! One thing the quarantine has taught us is never to take something as familiar as toilet paper for granted. While bidets used to be seen as a luxurious item industry sales are now skyrocketing.

Adding a bidet or smart toilet is one hygienic and effective way to wash away your troubles, literally. Some smart toilets even have features that will sanitize your toilet seat after using. This will also save you the trouble of cleaning your toilet, which we all know is never a fun chore. Bonus points for Colorado living-most bidets feature a heated seat! You’ll appreciate it all the more on those cold Breckenridge nights! 


So renovating your home might not be an option… what now? 

A home renovation is no simple task, but there are some ways to upgrade your space more affordably. My Instagram ads have been flooded with new gadgets that can be added to our homes to keep us healthy. If you are fearful of breathing in germs and environmental factors, try adding an air purifier to your common areas! 

Air purifiers have the ability to clear allergens and bacteria from the air, helping you to breathe easier and be less fearful of your health. 

Another tool that can be used is UV light, which will disinfect your smaller items. Our phones and keys are sometimes looked past during our cleaning frenzies, yet they attract more germs than we realize. Adding a UV Sanitizer to your home is an excellent tool for keeping your family safe. This can become an easy addition to your daily routine! 

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