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What Does a Long-Term Property Manager in Breckenridge Do?

What You Need to Know About Running an AirBnB in Breckenridge

What’s the Difference Between a Long-Term Property Manager and a Short-Term Vacation Rental Company?

With the explosive popularity of HGTV (and the Netflix show “Stay Here” that features gorgeous Airbnb renovations), buying a second home in Breckenridge and renting it out has never been more appealing. Aside from having a place to escape on weekends, the biggest benefit of owning a rental property is the passive income. Meaning, an

5 Tips for Transitioning into Your Seasonal Rental in Breckenridge

It’s here! You signed a lease on your seasonal rental in Breckenridge months ago and it’s finally time to move in. Okay, you’re not technically “moving in.” Your rental is fully furnished. But, just because the house is equipped with a cozy couch and beds for the entire family doesn’t mean there aren’t things to

Best Areas of Breckenridge to Stay for Ski Season

Out of all the gorgeous spots to enjoy winter in Colorado, you picked Breckenridge. Congrats! You definitely made the right choice. Now that you’ve settled on a destination for your ski season getaway, it’s time to pick the perfect neighborhood. For a small mountain town, there are several distinct areas of Breckenridge to stay in.

5 Tips for Finding a Ski Rental in Breck

Don’t get us wrong; we love summer in Breck. But, there comes a point around mid-August when we start counting down the days to ski season. That’s when we adore living in Summit County the most. We like waking up early to grab a breakfast burrito at The Crown before spending a quiet morning carving

Get Ready for Winter in Breckenridge With This Home Checklist

If this winter is anything like 2017, we still have another five to six weeks until a true snowfall makes it down into town. Bummer right? While we’re all itching to swap our hiking boots for snowshoes and skis, these quiet fall months are actually a perfect time to get some work done around the house.

Score a Seasonal Rental in Breckenridge

Summer may not “technically” be over, but we’ve been ready to swap our sandals for snow boots for a solid month. Don’t get us wrong, we love everything about the off-season in Breckenridge (like snagging a dinner reservation at a reasonable hour at one of our favorite restaurants Ember  or Relish). However, everyone knows that

Renting in Breckenridge: How to Impress a Landlord

If we had a dollar for every time a prospective tenant showed up 10 minutes late to an appointment, we would be able to retire. Seriously, it happens all the time. Most people don’t realize how important it is to make a great first impression on a landlord. The Summit County housing market is incredibly

Why Rent When You Can Buy? Either Way, You’re Paying a Mortgage

In case you hadn’t noticed, rental rates are out of control. Combined data from RealtyTrac and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development shows that the average monthly rent on a three-bedroom residence in 2017 will cost 38.6 percent of the average person’s salary. In some markets, this figure jumps to a jaw-dropping 50