Buyer’s Guide to Open Houses in Breckenridge

Hilary has finally saved up enough cash for a down payment. She’s gotten her pre-approval letter from the bank and she’s ready to start looking at homes. But, here’s the thing. Hilary has never been to an open house in Breckenridge. She’s not sure what to expect! Is it tacky to come in with a lowball offer? Does she have to knock or ring the doorbell? Is it cool to take photos and video she can show her mom? Here are a few basic etiquette rules and tips to consider when attending open houses in Breckenridge:

1. It’s a-okay to walk right in

If you see a sign for an open house, there’s no need to knock or ring the doorbell. Open the door and walk in. If you don’t see anyone, call out a friendly “Hello!” to alert the listing agent or homeowner to your arrival.

2. Attend multiple open houses in the same area

You’re already setting aside an hour before Sunday brunch to check out an open house. Why not grab a crepe on the go and make a morning of it? Attend a few open houses in the same neighborhood and take notes to compare.

3. Be polite to the listing agent

It can feel uncomfortable to be solicited by a listing agent when you’re checking out a home, especially if you already have a realtor. Kindly introduce yourself and hand her your agent’s business card to let her know you already have representation.

4. Respect the seller’s privacy

If there’s a door that’s closed, ask the listing agent before opening it. There might be a pet in the room or another reason it’s closed. Don’t snoop through the medicine cabinet or open any drawers, either.

5. Ask before taking photos and video

Be sure to ask the listing agent before whipping out your iPhone to take pictures or video. This is especially important if the seller still lives in the home. It could feel like an invasion of privacy.

6. Wait your turn

Open houses in Breckenridge are often busy. If there are other individuals or families touring the home at the same time as you, wait for a room to be empty before entering. This gives everyone the freedom to inspect at his or her own pace.

7. If you can’t say anything nice…

Wait until you get in the car to gossip about the terrible décor. The seller clearly had a vision when she chose green carpet for the bathroom, and it’s still her home. Who knows who might be listening if you badmouth the house during your tour?

8. Don’t wear your pajamas

Many open houses in Breckenridge are held on Sunday mornings. But, that doesn’t mean you can roll out of bed and walk out the door. At the same time, it’s also not a fashion show. Dress casual, but keep it appropriate. Comfortable shoes are a must.

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