Get Ready for Winter in Breckenridge With This Home Checklist

If this winter is anything like 2017, we still have another five to six weeks until a true snowfall makes it down into town. Bummer right? While we’re all itching to swap our hiking boots for snowshoes and skis, these quiet fall months are actually a perfect time to get some work done around the house.

Cue the groans!

We know, we know. You’d rather spend your weekends carving pumpkins and attending fun events like Okotoberfest,  Frisco Fall Fest or the Breckenridge Wine Classic, but stress not. There is plenty of time to check to-dos off your list and enjoy autumn and early winter in Summit County. By getting a head start on your chores, you’ll ensure your home is toasty warm and blizzard proof for the exciting ski season ahead.

Break your Breckenridge winter home checklist into tasks you can accomplish in a few hours each Saturday morning. Make it part of your routine for the next couple of weeks and you’ll be ready for winter!

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How to Get Ready for Winter in Breckenridge


Seal windows and doors

Drafty windows and doors can let in cold air and cause your utility bills to skyrocket. You can save cash by checking for cracks where air is leaking in and sealing the gaps. An easy way to test your windows is to shut them tightly and hold a candle in front of each, just inches from the glass. If the flame flickers, there’s probably an air leak. Weather stripping and caulking offer a temporary solution. But, if you’re planning to sell your luxury home in Summit County, you might want to splurge for new windows.

Clean your gutters

No one likes cleaning the gutters, but it must be done. Your gutters move water and debris away from your home, helping prevent water damage and decay. The best time to clean your gutters is after the autumn leaves fall and before the heavy snow comes. If this sounds like your worst nightmare, you don’t have to do this by yourself. There are professionals who are more than happy to inspect your gutters, identify any red flags, and clean out built up gunk.

Tune up your furnace

A faulty furnace is more than annoying on the coldest days of winter – it can be dangerous. Fall is a good time to change out your air filters and order a furnace inspection, which can reveal serious issues like a carbon monoxide leak. If you have a company come out to perform a tune-up, they’ll clean the heating system to improve energy efficiency, which will save you money in the long run. The best part: a standard furnace check-up typically costs less than a hundred bucks.

Get a home energy audit

A home energy audit is one of the most valuable things you can do this fall. It tells you where your home is losing energy and money and how the problems can be corrected. An energy auditor will check for leaks, examine your insulation, inspect your furnace and duct work, and perform a blower door test to measure the air-tightness of your home. You’ll be glad you got one when the temperature really starts dropping!

Inspect your roof

If you don’t feel comfortable climbing on your roof, consider hiring a contractor to take a peek before winter blows in. Inspecting your roof before it’s weighted down with heavy, wet snow can help prevent an emergency repair in the middle of a blizzard. Check for any damaged shingles and flashing around the seams, and trim any branches that hang over your home.

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Thinking about selling your home next spring?

If so, consider this Breckenridge Home Checklist non-negotiable. Seriously! Luxury homebuyers in Summit County will be looking for properties with new or well-maintained roofs, proper insulation, and a high-functioning furnace. Trust us – in a mountain town where it snows half the year, these items are at the top of every house hunter’s wish list. For more tips on selling your luxury home in Summit County, get in touch with us. At Dwell Summit, we eat, sleep, and breathe Breckenridge real estate. We know the market inside and out, and we’d be happy to help you get your home ready for the busy spring market. Give us a call today at 855-DWELL-CO.

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