Best Features for Your Luxury Home Theater

On a hot summer day, nothing feels as good as slipping into a comfy recliner in a dark movie theater with the AC cranked to full, icy blast. While you can always check out what’s playing at the Speakeasy Movie Theatre in Breckenridge or trek to the bigger Skyline Cinema in Dillon, why not build a luxury home theater in your house? Not only will it provide you with hours of entertainment, a home theater will add value to your property. Whether you already have an entertainment setup you want to upgrade or you’re starting from scratch, here are the best features for your luxury home theater.

Best Features for Your Home Theater


1. Lighting

We know what you’re thinking: the lights in your luxury home theater are going to be turned off 99 percent of the time. Why invest in fancy technology? Hear us out. Placement and control of lights will have a big impact on how your home entertainment space looks and functions. Think reflection, color, and intensity. Trust us, you don’t want to skimp here. Bonus if you can get a lighting system that you can control from your phone.

2. Seats

The comfort of the seats in your luxury home theater cannot be overstated. If you’ve ever been to a fancy cinema with plush recliners, you know what we’re talking about. The best theater seats include built-in accessories like recline buttons, cup holders, heaters, and snack tables. They should also be designed to properly support your body so you aren’t constantly fidgeting throughout your screening of Bridesmaids.

3. Acoustics

Nothing ruins the movie experience like terrible sound. While speakers and amplifiers are essential parts of a luxury home theater, the best equipment on the market won’t matter if you don’t address the acoustics of the room. Have an expert come in to assess the absorptive properties, including the walls, ceiling, and floor. Once sound waves aren’t bouncing around anymore, that soundtrack to Empire Records will sound even better.

4. Accessories and décor

While not essential to the movie viewing experience, accessories and décor will impart a cozy feel to your luxury home theater. Splurge on a vintage marquee, or invest in a popcorn maker. Add a cashmere throw blanket to each of the seats. If you’re really looking to create a complete entertainment space, you can even build a bar stocked with all the fixings for your favorite cocktails.

Picture this: it’s winter, and Breckenridge is blanketed in four feet of snow. You’re curled up in your home theater with a cozy blanket, a bucket of popcorn, and a dirty martini. Perhaps there’s even a fire in your fireplace flickering in the background. Is it any wonder that a home entertainment center is on every luxury homebuyer’s wish list? Whether or not you’re planning to sell your home in the near future, a luxury home theater is a fantastic investment.

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