6 Things to Do Before Moving out of Your Seasonal Rental in Breckenridge

seasonal rental in breckenridgeIt feels like just yesterday that you moved into your seasonal rental in Breckenridge. You distinctly remember the feeling of walking through the front door, dropping your bags, and pouring the first of many glasses of wine you would enjoy in front of the fireplace. Winter was jam packed with mornings on the mountain, afternoons at the spa, and memorable nights out with friends and family. And just like that, it’s over. As the snow melts and Summit County teeters on the edge of mud season, it’s time to bid farewell to your seasonal rental in Breckenridge.

If you own your home, it’s probably been a while since you’ve vacated a rental property. To make the move-out process as smooth as possible, we’ve created a mini checklist of things to do before you turn in your keys.

7 Things to Do Before Moving out of Your Seasonal Rental in Breckenridge

Review your lease agreement

It’s probably been almost a year since you looked at your lease agreement. Dust it off and find out what terms you agreed to when you signed it. There are probably clauses about cleaning, maintenance obligations, and utility transfers. Use these requirements as a basis for your move-out checklist.

Arrange for professional carpet cleaning

seasonal rental in breckenridgeSix months of foot traffic is enough to make any carpet dirty. Add boots, snow gear, and paw prints to the picture and it’s easy to see why our leases require a professional carpet cleaning. And nope, those do-it-yourself rental units from City Market, Safeway, or Lowe’s won’t cut it.  

Hire a cleaning service

Depending on the size of your seasonal rental and how well you maintained it, scrubbing the place from top to bottom could take hours or even days. Plus, it’s completely overwhelming when you’re trying to accomplish other tasks on your to-do list. At Dwell Summit, our subcontracted cleaners are super efficient. The service runs a couple hundred bucks on average and can save you loads of time.

Remove all of your personal items

This might seem like a no-brainer, but we’ve seen entire cabinets that renters forgot to clean out. Double check all closets, dressers, and cabinets to make sure you’ve cleared out all food and personal items – trash included. Any toilet paper, paper towels, or cleaning supplies left behind is fair game for the tenants who move in after you. Don’t forget to pick up pet waste from the yard!

Disconnect or transfer your utilities

Your lease will state when and how to disconnect or transfer the utilities in your seasonal rental including gas, electricity, water, trash, internet, and cable. Notify all service providers of your move-out date. Don’t forget to pay off any remaining balances before you move out and take photos of all accessible meters as proof of usage.

Report any maintenance issues

A certain degree of wear and tear is expected when you spend every weekend in a seasonal rental. If there are any maintenance issues that need to be addressed, whether it’s something you did or just something that needs to be fixed, tell your property manager as soon as possible so a handyman can be scheduled before the next tenant moves in.

At Dwell Summit, we return our tenants’ security deposits, less any charges, within 60 days of the lease expiration. We hate holding onto your money longer than necessary, but it takes time to get invoices from our vendors and subcontractors. Following the steps above will make the entire move-out process quick and painless.

Thinking about coming back next year? Now is a great time to start looking for a home in Breckenridge!

It doesn’t take long after moving out of a seasonal rental in Breckenridge before you miss the fresh air, mountain views, and small town charm. And, when you return for a weekend trip this summer, we know you’ll love what Summit County has to offer in the off-season. Buying a home in Breckenridge means you can enjoy year-round access to the best outdoor recreation in the Rockies. Most buyers start looking in spring and early summer, so we recommend getting a head start on your search by working with a Summit County real estate agent.

At Dwell Summit, we don’t only help people buy and sell homes in Breckenridge. We live here full time and know the community inside and out. If any part of you is thinking about buying a home in Breckenridge this year, give us a call to start the conversation at 855-DWELL-CO.


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