6 Really Good Reasons to Move to Breckenridge

Buzzfeed recently named our beloved Breckenridge one of “11 Towns that Definitely Deserve More Coverage.” We know Buzzfeed isn’t the most prestigious (or reliable) news source, but we’re pretty thrilled nonetheless. We love Breckenridge, and we’re glad to see it get the credit it deserves!

While thousands of tourists fall in love with the snow, slopes and small town charm of Breckenridge each year, few actually pack up their lives and move here. However, those who do are rewarded with year round access to fresh mountain air, wildlife sightings, breathtaking views, and every outdoor activity imaginable. As if these points aren’t enough reason to move to Breckenridge, here are a few more that might tip the scales.

  1. It’s small, but not too small. The population of Breckenridge hovers just below 5,000 residents. It’s the perfect size as to where you have privacy, yet still know all of your neighbors.
  2. You’re on permanent vacation. Living in Breckenridge means you aren’t defined by your job or the number of zeros on your paycheck. The focus here is on living life to the fullest and success is measured by happiness.
  3. You have a natural playground in your backyard. People come to Breckenridge from across the globe to experience the skiing, riding, climbing, biking and kayaking you have access to just steps from your front door.
  4. It’s a great place to retire. Once you move to Breckenridge, you’ll never want to leave. And that’s perfectly fine! Many people choose to retire in our picturesque small town because it’s walkable, safe, and bicycle friendly.
  5. There’s year round adventure. The warmer months in Breckenridge are just as action-packed as the ski season. Once the ice has melted, there are plenty of opportunities for mountain biking, hiking, rafting, fishing, golfing and even swimming at nearby Lake Dillon.
  6. It’s an excellent investment. Even if you don’t make Breckenridge your permanent residence, buying a home here is still an excellent investment. Simply put, Breckenridge is a resort town. Ski condo and single-family home rentals are in high demand. What’s not to love about having someone else help pay for your dream home?

Though your friends and family might think you’re crazy for packing up and moving to a little ski town in the mountains, it’s hard to shake the desire to live in Breckenridge once you’ve made up your mind. Trust us – we’ve been there! Rest assured, if your kinfolk are anything like ours, we can pretty much guarantee they’ll fall in love with Breckenridge, too.

At Dwell Summit, we consider it an honor and privilege to help hopeful homeowners realize their dream of settling down in Breckenridge. Now that snow has begun to fall, Summit County has truly transformed into a winter wonderland. What better time than now to buy a home where you can make amazing memories with the ones you love? If you’re ready to take the leap, give us a call. We promise to make your home buying experience smooth and successful!

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