5 Tips for Transitioning into Your Seasonal Rental in Breckenridge

It’s here! You signed a lease on your seasonal rental in Breckenridge months ago and it’s finally time to move in. Okay, you’re not technically “moving in.” Your rental is fully furnished. But, just because the house is equipped with a cozy couch and beds for the entire family doesn’t mean there aren’t things to check off your to-do list. You’ll be spending a good chunk of your winter in Breckenridge, so bringing in the comforts and conveniences of home will be key.

Here are a few tips for a smooth transition into your seasonal rental in Breckenridge:

seasonal rental in breckenridge1. Make a Costco run

Costco is great for stocking up on large quantities of things you know you’ll use. Paper towels, toilet paper, plastic cups, and snacks should all go on your shopping list. It’s a good idea to stock up on liquor, too. Booze is typically a lot cheaper at Costco. We also recommend buying a few bottles of wine from Ridge Street Wine on Main Street for special occasions.

2. Check for hidden treasures

Sometimes tenants leave goodies behind – whether intentional or not. Anything left in your seasonal rental in Breckenridge is up for grabs. Check all of the cabinets, drawers, and closets to see if you hit the jackpot. We don’t recommend eating any food left behind, but trash bags, Ziplock bags, Tupperware, and cleaning supplies are fair game.

3. Turn on your utilities

There’s no worse kickoff to ski season in Breckenridge than walking into a house with frozen pipes and no electricity. Utilities must have a start date at the beginning of your lease, even if you don’t plan to be there right away. So, even if you don’t arrive at the property until Thanksgiving weekend, you still need to turn service on ASAP.

4. Be prepared to shovel snow

Does your seasonal rental in Breckenridge have an HOA? Check your lease agreement. If it doesn’t, you’re responsible for shoveling all walkways and decks and keeping them clear of snow. If you prefer to hire a private company for snow removal, Let it Snow Removal offers residential service as well as dig outs if you can’t get in or out of your driveway. For homes with an HOA, snow removal doesn’t happen until there is at least four inches of fluff.

seasonal rental in breckenridge

5. Beware of wildlife

Breckenridge is nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. Wildlife sightings are one of the perks of being surrounded by nature. However, this also means bears will be poking around your trashcans looking for a meal. Bears typically roam around Breckenridge into December, so make sure you use bear-proof locks on your trashcans.

Are you ready for a fun ski season in Breckenridge?

We got the best news ever this week – Breck opened early on Wednesday, November 7th! Breckenridge has over five feet of snow and the mountain is already busy with locals and visitors making the most of ski season. If you’re “moving in” to your seasonal rental in Breckenridge this weekend, be sure to bring this checklist with you. While Costco is a great option for finding bargains on household items, you can pick up anything you forgot at City Market on your way into town.

If you happen to fall in love with Breck this season and want to extend your stay, give us a call! As a luxury realtor in Summit County, we’d be thrilled to help you buy a home in Breckenridge or secure a fantastic seasonal rental in Breckenridge for next year.

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