5 Tips for Finding a Ski Rental in Breck

Don’t get us wrong; we love summer in Breck. But, there comes a point around mid-August when we start counting down the days to ski season. That’s when we adore living in Summit County the most.

We like waking up early to grab a breakfast burrito at The Crown before spending a quiet morning carving fresh tracks on Peak 9. Not to mention, it’s always magical to see Breck transform into a sparkling, winter wonderland at the Lighting of Breckenridge and Race of the Santas. The fun doesn’t stop after the holidays; Ullr Fest is a blast, too!

finding a ski rental in Breck

If you plan to spend a lot of time in Summit County this winter (let’s be honest – you do), it might be time to consider finding a ski rental in Breck. There are so many perks to having your own place to call “home” in Summit County, even if only for the season.

For one, not having to sit in Sunday traffic on I-70 is worth the investment in and of itself. With a seasonal rental, you can come and go as you please – which usually means driving straight to work on Monday mornings. And, you can keep the kitchen stocked with your favorite wine and snacks for snowy nights at home. Of course, nothing beats the feeling of having a familiar bed to snuggle into after a long day on the mountain.

finding a ski rental in breck

Ready to find your home away from home in Summit County? We have a few tips for finding a ski rental in Breck you’ll definitely want to read if you’re hoping to secure a seasonal property this winter.

5 Tips for Finding a Ski Rental in Breck

1. Start your search now

When we say “now,” we really mean it. We know it seems early, but trust us – all of the good rentals will be snatched up by the end of September. A Summit County luxury homes realtor can help you find the perfect spot.

2. Plan on sticking around

When it comes to finding a ski rental in Breck, expect to sign a six-month lease. You’ll definitely be here from November through April. We promise, there’s so much to do and see – it’ll be worth it!

3. Expect to pay more

Breck is a popular place to be from opening day onward. So, plan on paying a premium for the prime winter months. The rent on a seasonal lease is roughly 25% to 35% more per month than an annual lease.

4. Don’t count on sharing a rental

Sharing a seasonal ski rental with another family is fun, but this rarely happens anymore. Most homeowners want to protect their investments and minimize wear and tear. Set your budget accordingly.

5. No hot tub? Don’t stress

If you have great luck finding a ski rental in Breck but the house doesn’t have a hot tub, don’t stress. You can buy a punch pass to the Breck Rec Center where you can use the pool, hot tub, sauna, and workout facilities.

Need help finding a ski rental in Breck?

finding a ski rental in breck
We thought you might! As summer winds down, competition for ski rentals starts heating up. At Dwell Summit, we specialize in working with people looking for a weekend house in the mountains but who aren’t quite ready to buy. If you’re thinking about homeownership by the end of the ski season (a lot of people are!) we can be the seamless transition from landlord to real estate agent and help you find your forever home.

Give us a ring at 855-DWELL-CO or email us to let us know what you’re looking for in a ski rental this winter. We’re excited to hear from you!



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