5 Reasons to Sell Your Home Before Winter

Mother Nature certainly took her sweet time easing into the 2016-17 season. After a slow start, Summit County ski areas finally have the fresh powder they need to host the thousands of winter sport enthusiasts who have been waiting to hit the slopes.

Though it feels like fall has just begun, winter is right around the corner. This is a time when many of us start to think about what the next year will hold. Will you take that job on the other side of town? Should you move into a bigger home to accommodate your growing family? If you own a home in Breckenridge and have been thinking about relocating or moving up, it’s important to think about whether to sell your house now… or wait.

If you’re on the fence about selling your home in Summit County, here are five really good reasons to do it now.

1. There’s less competition
Each year, inventory levels dip just before ski season. With fewer homes on the market, yours has a better chance of catching the attention of an interested buyer. Not only will less competition increase the probability of receiving an offer, it also increases the chance that you’ll get the maximum amount of money for your home.

2. Demand is strong
The latest Realtors’ Confidence Index released by the National Association of Realtors indicates that buyer demand is strong. Sustained job creation and continued low mortgage rates are encouraging more people to buy. However, they are faced with a lack of supply. This is bad news for buyers, but good news for homeowners like you. In October, 40 percent of properties sold at or above the original listing price.

3. Buyers are serious
Many people think buyers aren’t looking for homes in fall or winter. Not true! Homes are bought and sold 365 days a year. While some people put their home searches on hold over the holidays, serious buyers who are on a moving deadline continue to look at properties regardless of the season.

4. The process will be quicker
Pretty much everyone knows that spring is the most popular time to buy or sell a home. While this can be advantageous to home sellers, banks are inundated with loan applications in the spring, causing delays in closing timelines. Right now, mortgage lenders have a lighter load of loans to process and inspectors have fewer inspections to do. Combined, these factors should lead to a quicker transaction from start to finish.

5. It’s peak season
Vacationers come to Summit County in droves from November to April. Between skiing, snowboarding, and soaking in the beautiful Colorado landscape, many of them will begin to picture themselves living the Breckenridge lifestyle full time. Peak season means thousands of more eyeballs are on your property – especially if it has ski-in/ski-out access.

We know you’re slammed with holiday shopping, cocktail parties and family obligations this time of year, but hear us out. Late fall is the perfect time to sell your home in Summit County. There’s a lot less competition, buyer demand is strong, and thousands of tourists are descending upon our mountain towns. By listing your property now, you’re exposing it to a huge audience of serious homebuyers (and to people who didn’t even know they wanted to move here – until now).

If you’re considering selling your home before winter, give us a call. At Dwell Summit, we specialize in helping Summit County homeowners market their primary and vacation homes for a quick and successful sale. We look forward to working with you!

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