4 Things to Look for in a Property Management Company

If you’re a parent, you undoubtedly remember the first time you left your child with a babysitter (that wasn’t your mom or dad.) From the pre-screen phone call, to the in-person interview, to the hourly check-ins from the restaurant bathroom, you knew everything about that person and what she was doing with your baby while you were out to dinner.

You know what? We get it. Trusting someone to look after something that means a lot to you is a big deal. And though a house isn’t exactly on the same level as a human life, you still have to do your research when hiring someone to manage your rental property. As one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your lifetime, you don’t want to hand the keys off to just anybody. Here are a few things to consider as you look for the perfect property management company to trust with your second home:

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Like a babysitter, you want your property management company to know what it’s doing. This means they’ll have experience in applicant screenings and background checks, preparing and negotiating leases, as well as being the direct point of contact for any tenant issues or requests.


A property manager’s web presence can say a lot about its marketing capabilities. If their website looks amazing and they’re active on social media, they likely have a grasp on digital marketing trends and will use various channels to reach prospective tenants. Your top choice should have an extensive marketing plan he or she can show you that details what they plan to do to reach as many qualified applicants as possible.


In Colorado, state law requires that every property manager have his or her Real Estate Broker License. To see if a property management company’s brokerage license is active, you can check with the Colorado Division of Real Estate. If you can’t find a listing for a particular property manager, that’s a good sign to move on.


As any real estate investor will tell you, an empty rental property can be quite the money pit. A good property manager wants your investment to be a success, which means always having it occupied. Look for a management company with a database full of potential tenants who are waiting to be notified that your property is ready for them to move in.

Look no further than Dwell Summit

Before you begin searching for a property management company, it’s important to determine how involved to you want be as a homeowner. Would you prefer to be as hands-off as possible, allowing someone else to handle the day-to-day issues of being a landlord? Or, are you comfortable managing tenants, and simply need help finding qualified applicants?

At Dwell Summit, we want you to be able to enjoy the benefits of a successful investment, and a big part of that means allowing you to choose the role you’re most comfortable with. To address this, we offer two different levels of property management services, both of which are designed to make owning a high-quality investment property as stress-free as possible.

On behalf of everyone at Dwell Summit, we would be honored to develop a seasonal or long-term leasing solution for your property in Summit County. Connect with us to find out how we can help!

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